System Development

We develop electronics from early concept to market-proven product.
So if you need some electronics for your product, we can develop it, and then if necessary make sure that it will be produced and delivered to you.
For example we can establish a close cooperation, called a ProductPartnership , where we develop products at a low price (sometimes free), against in turn, subsequently becoming a subcontractor for you.

If you choose AKJI for your electronics development you will also get some extra benefit: A highly innovative partner who constantly gets ideas for how your product can be even better.

AKJ Inventions and their system development it is basically this, that we come up with a comprehensive solution. In addition to that it is electronic , such as software , mechanical, App and the cloud system.

We are a small company who value agility and flexibility. We work according to the Lean Startup method, and has actually done it long before it got its name. You can read more about the method here . In short, it is about always only to develop what makes sense to end users. Thereby costs and delivery time are kept to a minimum.

If you want an informal chat regarding. your product idea, please take direct contact with us here: Contact .