AKJ Inventions is an inventor of innovative and marketable products from the technologies behind the Internet of Things , Smart City, Smart Homes and Clean Tech .

We develop products in close and honestly strategic cooperation with product partners through a unique business model , where work is based on common goals and where risks and benefits are shared between the partners.

In this way we move away from the traditional customer / supplier relationship and instead have a value creating strategic partnership cooperation of both partners. This means that smaller companies also can afford to think in innovative product development.

Our core expertise is electronics development and production with associated software / firmware - and we have a wide international network of partners in product design, engineering, IT development and production.

AKJ Inventions is an economically attractive inventor company who further develop products for large development departments and at the same time acts great with the smaller development departments.

Are you interested in developing an existing product - or to develop a new product , please contact us for an informal talk - and learn more about our unique product partnership agreement which makes product development attractive- economically and financially feasible for most.