Wind measure for smart phones

The company Vaavud have invented an advanced windmeter called Vaavud Sleipnir, to be used together with a smart phone. What is special about it is that beside of measuring the windspeed it can also indicate the wind direction. Eventhough it can only measure the wind speed. It does that by analyzing the changes in the windspeed compared to the rotational position of the asymetrical wind cup. The mechanical is developed by our good business partner Attention Design, the electronics was developed by us (AKJI).  The app that is required in order to use the wind meter was developed by Vaavud.

There were demanding requirements for the electronics both regarding the measurement presition, but also in order to be able to fit into the extremely compact housing of the windmeter. Last but not least it was nesesary to minimize the power consumption since the only power available was that coming out of the headphone connector of the smart phone. The result became very satisfying and the Vaavud Sleipnir won a RedDot Design AwardVaavud Sleipnir is now sold all over the world.

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