The project is a new type of memory (RAM) for computers. It works by sending data around in a loop. Thereby the data is stored by their own travel time (delay).
The memory can in theory store an unlimited amount of data since it do not use discrete memory-cells. Allan Krogh Jensen invented the Loop RAM in 1996 when he was 16 years old.
The project participated in the final contest "JP Forsker 96" where it received a 4th prize. The written material is found below (in danish):

Loop RAM - Short report
Enclosure 1 - Illustration of the theory behind the LoopRAM
Enclosure 2 - Handshakes for a Loop RAM
Enclosure 3 - Block-schematic for a Loop RAM
Enclosure 4 - Block-schematic for the 24-bit counter
Enclosure 5 - Block-schematic for the 24-bit parallel comparator
Enclosure 6 - Schematic of the ramp
Enclosure 9 - Proposal for design of a Loop RAM component

A list of the participators and their projects at JP Forsker 96 can be found here

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) were contacted in hope of getting support for the further development of the Loop RAM.
They estimated that the invention did not have enough newsvalue, and could not find resources for further development.

The project were also mentioned in the press. Some of the articles are found here.

For more information about this project, or a quote for a similar project, please fell free to contact Allan Krogh Jensen.