The project is about a special pair of spectacles able to detect the movements of the human head, and thereby control the pointer on the computer screen. Clicking can be done by buttons
on the keyboard, by some special footpedals, or by some special cheek switches. They are activated when the cheek is filled with air. The device is especially good for people with
physical injuries with difficulties in arm movement. It is also good for people with repetitive strain injuries (RSI).
Allan Krogh Jensen invented the device in 1998 when he was 18 years old.
The project participated in the final of the danish contest "Unge Forskere 98" where it got a 3rd prize.
Furthermore it was chosen to represent Denmark in the european contest "European Union Contest for Young Scientists 98" in Portugal.
Some of the written material is found below:

Scientific Summary of the HeadPointer project (in english)

A list with participators and their projects of "Unge Forskere 98" is found here (in danish)

HeadPointer created some media publicity because repetitive strain injuries (RSI) were a very hot subject in the press. There were already some existing and better
alternatives to the HeadPointer. Primarily there is a system using the iris of the eyes to track the focus point of the user and thereby guide the pointer på that position on the screen.
Because of that further development of the project was abandoned.

The project were also mentioned in the press. Some of the articles are found here.

For more information about this project, or a quote for a similar project, please fell free to contact Allan Krogh Jensen