Chika Supercomputer

The project is about a new type of computer with a new type of architecture. It is especially good for large integers and thereby good for encryption and decryption.
One of the special characteristics of the architecture is that it is asynchronious. It has no clock-frequency. Instead it pulls the data through the computer as soon as they are ready.
Another special feature is that it is programmed by setting up a system of pipelines that the data will be pulled through.
Allan Krogh Jensen invented the computer-architecture in 1997 when he was 17 years old.
The project was funded by a danish bank called Unibanks Opfinderfond (now Nordea) with 10.000 DKr, and participated in the final of the danish contest "Unge Forskere 97" where
it got a 4th prize. A limited amount of the written material is found below:

Chika Supercomputer - Report
Chika Supercomputer - Block schematic
Chika Supercomputer - CPU
Chika Supercomputer - Main schematic
Chika Supercomputer - Processing Unit

In spite of a very large amount of used workingtime the computer did not get completed before the final. It never got completed afterwards either.

The project were also mentioned in the press. Some of the articles are found here.

For more information about this project, or a quote for a similar project, please fell free to contact Allan Krogh Jensen.