Time Capsule

AKJ Inventions were contacted by a danish art-student studying at the University of Gôteborg in Sweden.
She was about to start her final assignment. She would like to construct a project called "Tidsrummet" (Timespace).
It should consist of a tunnel that a person could walk through. At the end of the tunnel there should be a digital watch showing the time.
When a person walked in the tunnel, the time should change speed. It should be proportional to the movement speed of the person.
If the person standed still the time should stop. If the person walked backwards the time should go backwards. She would build the tunnel by herself
and also assembele the electronics, but needed help for the design of the electronic control.The problem was solved by implementing a control system based on a 8-bit Atmel AVR processor. It measured the persons speed by a row of photocelles
mounted in leg height all the way inside the tunnel. The real or virtual time was shown on a specially made large display.For more information about this project, or a quote for a similar project, please fell free to contact Allan Krogh Jensen.