Time tracking system for people working on various tasks simultaneously

As a small company we often swap between various tasks and ongoing tasks are being interrupted often by phone calls, meetings and urgent tasks.
This cabn be a problem if you at the same time would like to track the timeconsumption precisely. Both of the pupose of precide invoicing of time, but also for the purpose of internal efficiency improvements regarding timeconsumption.

Therefore we developed our own simple time tracking system optimized for people working with various tasks simultaneously, so called "squids".
The program that we call SquidWorker, works together with the online bookkeeping system E-conomic, and its project control module.

After having used SquidWorker for a while internally in the company, we demonstrated it for E-conomic. They likes the program because of its simplicity, and now links to it from their app site here (in danish): Registrer timer og kørsel med SquidWorker

So far SquidWorker is free, but as mentioned it requires the project control module from E-conomic.
If you try SquidWorker please feel free to write a review on E-conomics site.