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Sensor-system for waste-containers

The company Wastecontrol wanted to develop a sensor-system for waste-containers, that can monitor the amount of waste in each , and order pick-ups from the disposal company when it is full. Thereby the customers can save up to 70% of the normally scheduled pick-ups, for the benefit of both economy and the environment


AKJI developed a system consisting of an ultrasonic range sensor (see picture above), that is mounted in the lid of the container. It measures the distance down to the top of the waste continuesly, and thereby the amount of waste in the container. The sensor is powered by a battery that can provide power for 8 years, without any recharging or other service. So minimal power consumption was an important requirement. The sensor transmits the measurements wireless to a gateway, located indoor at the customer, nearby the containers.

The gateway is connected to the internet via the customers WiFi or via the cellular network (GSM/GPRS). It forwards the measurements from the sensor to a cloud IT system. The
cloud IT systemet supervises all containers, and transmits data to the disposal companies, so that they can plan their route dependent on where the full containers are located. The cloud IT system also includes a dashboard, so that the customers can have an overview of the status of their containers (see screenshot below)


The product is on the market now, and Wastecontrol, has got a large amount of press coverage (in danish):
-TV2 Nyhederne(Opfindere løser dyrt problem: Vil sætte ultralyd i din skraldespand
-En artikel i Berlingske (Her er skraldespanden, der selv siger til, når den skal tømmes)
-En på Jobfinder/Ingenøren (Iværksættere gør din skraldespand intelligent).

The Wastecontrol system is an example of the Smart City system developed by AKJI.
If you would like to get help with the development of your smart city product/system, then please take contact to us for a noncommittal chat about the opportunities. You can reach us