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Intelligent control for LED solar lamps

AKJI has since 2008, together with the company Out-Sider A/S developed an intelligent electronic controller for LED lamps based on PV cells. During the project DTU has participated, by taking part of a EUDP project called "PV LED Engine".

The development project has now gone so far that
Out-Sider A/S can begin to sell the first products (urban furnitures) , that applies this advanced contol electronics.
An example of one of those products, where the controller, is used is the bike rack Jello, also seen on the picture to the right.
For more information about the products taking advantage of this new controller, pleace take direct contact to Out-Sider A/S.

The controller can control a LED light source of up to 50 W. The light level is adjusted dependtly of the date, time and the available energy stored on the battery. Thereby the controller can make sure that there are always light when it is needed, no matter how much sunlight there have been. The light level will simply be a little lower if there havent been much sunny days. The amount of energy that is harvested from the PV cells and stored on the battery is constantly monitored. So that the controller in the best possible way can forecast how much energy there are required in the coming week to be in balance.

The controller also has a number of more advanged features such as PIR movement sensors, datalogger, and remote control and data extraction via the GSM network.
The controller can be setup, tested and configured by a PC connected locally or via the internet. The controller is under continuous development, together with DTU Elektro.

if you are interested in applying the controller in a project, or want to develop another similar product, pleace feel free to contact Allan Krogh Jensen, and get a quote.

Jello bike rack with embedded LED light, PV cells and intelligent control electronics, installed in Oerestaden, Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo: Out-Sider A/S)