Smart City

Smart City is a broad term that covers the use of technology , data and partnerships to create an urban development characterized by sustainability , innovation and citizenship.

"Smart Cities " are cities who want sustainable and attractive urban growth. Sustainable so that the negative impact of the environment is reduced in the best way . Attractive, so that the city is an asset for residents , businesses and tourists . Smart cities attracts citizens and tourists who want a safe, clean , environmentally friendly and culturally interesting city , which is the purpose of Smart City .


The technology matters:

Technology has a special role in all smart cities . It is a condition for effective solutions, example areas of transport, clean air and environmentally friendly energy supply. A smart city dependens on having a well-qualified workforce , contributing to the economy and a functioning municipal administration and a city government that effectively cooperate with other public and private companies to solve shared problems. That is why Technology have a special role in terms of Smart City. 

Benefits of Smart City

  • Adds more features to an existing product
  • More information ( Surveillance / Big Data )
  • Newer service ( HotSpot / Infrastructure)
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
    • Lower installation costs
    • Lower production costs
    • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

Examples of Smart City products which can be made smarter

  • Road signs
  • Bins / Containers
  • Bicycle Stands
  • The parking lights / street lights
  • Smart City products can be made smarter if:
    • Create and store their own power
    • Avoid expensive installation costs down digging and cable installations