LED lamp with variable color temperature

The industrial design company Gneiss Group wanted to design a LED-lamp where both light intensity and color temperature could be adjusted. Dependent of wishes of the user. As an example the light could be cold white (daylight color) when the user works or reads, and be warm white (incandescent bulb color) when the user wants homely comfort.

AKJ Inventions supplied all the nessessary electronics for the lamp. Designes specially for the dimensions of this lamp. The electronic consisted of LED modules, power supply and microprocessor-unit (incl. software). The lamp is controlled with four buttons Intensity up/down and color temperature up/down.

The lamp is not yet published by Gneiss Group. Therefore there can be no more details here. A video of the lamp electronics during test, can be downloaded below:

Video of the LED-lamp electronics during test

For more information about this project, or a quote for a similar project, please fell free to contact Allan Krogh Jensen.

The electronic system
The controlbuttons, the microprocessor-unit and the power supply connected to one single LED PCB.

One of the 3 LED PCBs
4-layer PCB mounted with 10 pieces of Lamina Atlas LED´s.