Control of a decentral water purification plant

This project were acomplished at Logos Control Systems and were the first part of a larger project about implementing a distributed embedded control system for control of a decentral water treatment plant. The water treatment plant project was an EU-funded project called B-Ware. A long list of companies from different EU-countries contributed to the project. Initially the water treatment plant were controlled by two industrial PC´s and a large amount of I/0-equipment. The goal of the distributed embedded control system was to be smaller, cheaper and more reliable than the existing system.

Initially the thesis should consist of implementing the new control system in 1/3 of the water treatment plant, the so called Bioreactor Module, but that was too much work for a 10 week project. Therefore the project was limited to consist of implementation of I2C communication in an industrial environment and control of a pump dependent of the liquid level in a tank. The user interface (GUI) is webbased and can be controlled from a standard browser by the Internet.

Many tests of different cables for the I2C communication were done, trying to find the optimal solution with no noice. The control software unites
the sub-tasks in the projects. The sensort inputs were used for automatik control of the pump. The measure values of the sensor are logged and are displayed as a graph on a webpage in real-time. If the controller is not connected to a network it can also be controlled by an embedde touch-screen with all the same functionality as the webinterface.

The report for the thesis can be found here (in danish):
Styring af decentralt rensningsanlæg.pdf

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