Educational projects/ thesis

Allan Krogh Jensen has worked on many projects during his education at the Technical University of Denmark , DTU. The most relevant projects are described on this page

Objekt detektering for robot manipulation

Junckers in Køge , which manufactures parquet floors, wanted to automate the process of taking wooden sticks from a pallet and place them in a press drying machine. Allan developed some management software based on computer vision. See detailed description of the project her.

Vision til navigering af RoboCup robot

In connection with the annual robot contest ( RoboCup ) at DTU in 2004 there was constructed a robot that among other had built a stereo vision system to navigate through the course . See more about the project her.

Styring af decentralt rensningsanlæg

During Allan's exam project which took place at Logos Control Systems, Allan developed a part of the control electronics and software for a sewage treatment plant . The system was based on a StrongARM- processor, which included an embedded web interface and communication with industrial sensors. More information about the project can be found her.

Objekt detering for robot manipulation
Vision til navigering af RoboCup-robot
Styring til decentralt rensningsanlæg