Dehumidifier based on electroosmosis

It has for long time been wellknown that electroosmosis can be used to actively remove humidity in different materials. See this article (in danish): Driv fugten ud af væggen med strøm. But few practical appliances of the phenomenon has been realised.

The danish company Dry Home Center took contact to AKJ Inventions ApS, because they wanted to use electroosmosis, to remove humidity from basementwalls. Therefore they needed help to develop and manufacture the required electronics.

The result was a box called Electrical Capillary Breaking System (ECBS). The box generates some special electrical current pulses, which are tramsmitted through some electrodes mounted in the wall. It continuesly adjusts the current so that the humidity in the wall is kept minimal. The system uses much less energy compared to for instance a traditional condense dehumidifier. Furthermore it removes the bad "wet basement smell", and emits no noice at all.

Dry Home Center (later named Oleskloak). In 2014 they wanted to on other business areas, and therefore sold the rights for ECBS to AKJI. Since then AKJI has adopted the ECBS into our own portfolio of products. The product is continiously being improved, and is now sold in several countries. You can read much more about the product, and where to buy is, on the the following page: ECBS

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