Projects and References

AKJ Inventions performs all kinds of eneginnering within the fields of electronics and software.

Such assignments could for an example consist of:
• Construction of prototypes
• Development from idear to final product
• Further development / optimization of existing product
• Be a part of a larger developmentteam and contribute with unique knowledge
• Technological supervision

Further details about the skills of AKJ Inventions can be found here. In the menu to the left you can see some of the acomplished projects / assignments of AKJ Inventions.

If you need help for a specific project or assignment please feel free to contact Allan Krogh Jensen. He will supply you with more information and a free offer.

Below you can see some of the companies who have used AKJI for their projects: aaeaaqaaaaaaaarnaaaajge4ztc3ngqzlti4zgytnge2mi1hn2m0ltkwn2i0owqwotq3yq438x187-vekso-logo