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LEDTube – The original retrofitting for fluorescenttubes

The light source can be inserted as a direct replacement (retrofitting) for any fluorescent tubes in existing fittings. It has a number of advantages compared to traditional fluorescent tubes:

• Significantly lower energy consumption
• 5 - 6 times longer life. Less replacements. Less waste
• Better light quality. All colour temperatures are possible dependent on specific needs
• The colder surroundings, the better efficiency, which is contrary to fluorescent tubes which use more energy in cold surroundings (freezer/ cold rooms)
• Turns on/off immediately. No need for any ignitor.

Furthermore the embedded intelligent controller enables the following extra advantages:
• The light can be dimmed
• Color temperature and CRI can be adjusted.
• The light can be adjusted automatically dependent of the ambient illumination and contribution of the daylight.
• The light is only turned on when it is needed. When persons or vehicles are within the illumination area.
• Fittings in the same group can be controlled individually by communication via the installation cable or wireless

The light source consists of a number of Light Emitting Diodes (LED), mounted on the outside of a tube with the same dimensions as a traditional fluorescent tube. The tube gives the same amount of light as a traditional fluorescent tube.
A power supply embedded in the light source converts the 230 VAC from the fitting to a voltage suitable for the LEDs. The tube can include an embedded intelligent control system, so that the light output is automatically adjusted to the actual needs, dependent on light from other light sources in the surroundings, as for an example daylight.

The first prototypes were constructed and patented in 2004 with financial support from DTU
and Dansk Energi (ELFOR). The development was carried out as a
PSO-projekt (funded by the electricity consumers). The LED-tube has since then been developed further as the LEDs got better and cheaper. Currently the LED-tube is protected by two patents: EP1618331 og WO2007143991.

Market potential
There is no doubt that the market potential of the new LED light tube is large. In Denmark alone 6.15 million fluorescent tubes were imported in 2005, for a total value of 9.5 mil. €. (source: Danmarks Statistik). It is assumed that in the EU approximately 560 million fluorescent tubes at a total value of 870 mil. € were sold in 2005!

The fluorescent tube has been one of the most efficient and cheap light sources on the market for decades. White LEDs are a relatively new technology which has developed progressively in the
recent years; Both by efficiency and by a decrease in the unitprice.

At the moment the LED-tube can not compete with the fluorescent tube if only price and efficiency are considered. Therefore a detailed
Cost-Benefit analysis has been developed, to check if it is proffitable for a specific customer, to replace old fluorescent tubes with LED-tubes.
The cost-benefit analysis considers all relevant parameters like: energy consumption, lifetime, replacement costs and temperature dependency etc.

I you would like to know how much you can safe by changing to LED-tubes, please contact Allan Krogh Jensen and get a free custom calculation.

Current status
The LEDTube has been lanched on the European market. Please contact Eiland Energi.

LEDTube Installed

Lumorigo LEDTube installed in a basement

The Lumorigo LEDTube with daylight senso