CUPU – Complete Control Platform for Smart City Products

Dont start from scratch when you develop Smart City products!

The CUPU Platform is a complete solution for the technology required inside a Smart City product it consists of the following parts:
-Control Electronics: This is the control electronics. We have several standard types, that can easyly be customized to your product
-Sensors: We have developed several sensors that are relevant for smart city products
-CUPU Connector: A PC based software to setup, test and configure all CUPU products
-CUPU Cloud: A cloud service to store and extract data from CUPU Devices. An ideal tool to benefit from the rapidly generated Big Data
CUPU is a offgrid control platform, because it can be used in smart city products that are not connected to the power grid, and therefore needs to harvest its own energy

Applications of the CUPU Platform

  • Ligthing where the is no power-grid, like parks
  • Smart phone connectivity via BLE (iBeacons etc.)
  • Internet connectivity (IoT, hotspot/infrastructure)
  • Security surveillance with camera and microphones
  • Environmental sensor input (weather/polution etc.)
  • Traffic statistics sensors
  • Automated locks for gates, bikes etc.
  • Infotainment systems
  • Interactive playgrounds