Core Values


In AKJ Inventions our values express what is important and valuable to the company, its employees, users and other stakeholders. Our values permeate the company in all - affect the silent and invisible employee behavior. It is therefore important to us that there is consistency between the organization's values and employee behavior.

We are imaginative and think outside the box when the Customer products are further developed
We  incorporate Cleantech , IoT , Smart City and Smart Homes within the Customers products and concepts
We are forward thinking and incorporate emerging technologies in the Customer solutions

We enter into close and binding partnerships with our customers
We are risk-averse and accept a part of the development costs

We are professionally sharp when it comes to electronic development
We are highly interested in Cleantech , IoT , Smart City and Smart Homes
We are constantly preoccupied with finding the best solution with our Product Partners
We will develop continuously in close cooperation with Product Partners
We test and document thoroughly

We communicate closely , openly and honestly with our Product Partners
We listen and accommodate when it comes to our Costumers
We keep our promises - and do not promise more than we can deliver
We treat every Customer as if it were our only Customer
We care about the Customer's products , business model and market

Are you interested in further developing an existing product - or develop a new product, contact us for an informal talk on telephone 20 82 43 83 or email - and learn more about our unique product partnership agreement which makes product development economically attractive and economically feasible for most.