Facilities and equipment

AKJ Inventions has a laboratory fully equiped with the most nessesary equipment for working with software, electronics and mechanics. Some of the equipments are listed below:

• Stationary computer / CAD workstation. Installed with all nessesary software for electronic og mechanical design.
• Duplex laser colorprinter (Samsung CLP-510N)
• A4 scanner

Electronic instruments and tools
• 2-channel digital storage oscilloscope
• Frequencygenerator
• 2 x RMS multimeters (Meterman)
• Laboratory power supply
• Electronic load
• Evaluation kits for a number of microprocessors
• Soldering iron with fume extraction system
• All kinds of tools for electronic working

Tools and machines for mechanical works
• Vertical drilling machine
• Precision saw (Proxxon)
• All kinds of tools for mechanical working