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Our own timetracking system is now being promoted by E-conomic

We have developed our own simple timetrackingsystem for internal use, called SquidWorker. It is optimized for people working on various tasks
simultaneously. The online bookkeepingsystem E-conomic liked it, so now they promote it on their app site here (in danish): Registrer timer og kørsel med SquidWorker

Squidworker is an easy, simple and fast solution for recording time and driving , for you who switches between multiple tasks throughout the day .

All you have to do is press play on the task you are doing. If you switch to another task, press play on it.

Squidworker requires the online bookkeepingsystem E-conomic. All data will be stored in E - conomic.

Are You  interested in knowing more about squidworker , please write to us! The program can be tried for free for 14 days - check it out and write your invoice in 5 minutes !