Projects and References

AKJ Inventions performs all kinds of eneginnering within the fields of electronics and software. Such assignments could for an example consist of...

Construction of prototypes
Development from idear to final product
Further development / optimization of existing product.

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AKJ Inventions mission is the foundation upon which the rest of the company is built on. Our mission shows us the path and strength when there occurs everyday problems. Our mission is our guiding star that gives us a new energy.
AKJ Inventions is an inventive creator of innovative and saleable products from technologies behind:


Cleantech can be divided into the categories "Energy and Environment" and in a transverse category that contains the services related to the area

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A company's vision express a desirable future state , to promote the company's efforts to fulfill the company's mission. Primary and secondary goals are specific points that the company should work toward to fulfill their vision.
That is what we aim here in AKJ Inventions! We have a great desire to develop our product partners' business!

Here in AKJ Inventions
we develop our Product Partners' business.
We strive to make their products smarter.
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Company Name: AKJ Inventions
Address: Produktionsvej 1, DK-2600 Glostrup
Country: Denmark
Phone Number: +45 42909014
Mail Address: